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Welcome to Royal Assault Force

“Inside you is the potential to make yourself better…and that is what it is to be human. To make yourself more than you are.” -Captain Jean Luc Picard

This wiki is for all RAF members to edit and share. Just create an account and have Alfred or admin grant editing privilege. Check out the wiki tutorials, if new to wiki.

Royal Assault Force is a Federation fleet. We are looking for new players and any alts or main characters.

Member benefits

  • Help with ship builds, testing
  • Excellence in PVE teaming
  • PVP testing

Starbase Tier 4

      Military Tier 4
      Engineering Tier 3
      Science Tier 4

Embassy Tier 2

      Diplomacy Tier 2
      Recruitment Tier 2

Dilithium Mine Tier 3

      Trade Tier 3
      Development Tier 3

Spire Tier 2

      Research Tier 3
      Operations Tier 2

Research Lab Tier 2

      Research Tier 2
      Development Tier 2

K-13 Starbase Tier 1

      Retrofit Engineering Tier 1
      Xenotech Research Tier 1

Colony World Tier 2

      Morale Tier 2
      Infrastructure Tier 2        
      Renewable Energy Tier 2


Special Omega Force -FED

Special Omega Warrors -KDF


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