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 +Crafting Notes
 +[[http://​​showthread.php?​t=1315541|forum guides]]
 +====== Method for making CrtDx4 weapons ======
 +===== Make many mk II =====
 +  * Average 100 craftings to obtain just one CrtDx3 (crafter needs enough skill to make very rare with 100% chance)
 +  * Sell CrtDx2[pen] mods (this should more than cover cost of materials to make focusing lens and targeting interfaces)
 +  * Most everything else is vender trash
 +  - Dilithium can be spent to instant finish jobs, in which case obtaining a crtDx3 takes a few minutes at cost of about 7k to 8k average
 +  - Craft without spending Dilithium on multiple toons (crafting 100 item would take very long on a single toon)
 +===== Upgrade CrtDx3 to CrtDx4 =====
 +Take advantage of the multiple upgrades going from mk ii to mk vii with minimal cost.
 +  * Use a single experimental tech upgrade with 2x quality improvement accelerator (gives 5 attempts at 20% rarity chance going from mk II to mk VII. They carryover from each upgrade attempt, this is only true from mk ii to mk vii)
 +  * 1/4th of the upgrades should be CrtDx4. Continue upgrading with superior tech upgrades to mk xiv
 +  * Sell the other mods (as of this writing all go for more than enough to cover costs)
 +It is very likely to get at least one rarity upgrade using this 20% chance method. If no rarity upgrades occur when it reaches mk VII, probably best to sell on exchange to cover costs for another attempt. It would be much more expensive to try upgrading the rarity past mk VII and likely to not get the mod you want.
 +===== Crafting experience =====
 +  * About one in 600 turned out CrtDx4
 +  * one made per 10 hrs on average
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