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 +====== Sto Academy build/​skills ======
 +[[http://​​ab529d27f9d0ec02f4480149ea2a5196]] standoff build
 +[[http://​​777dbf19417b6e512820e2e254eb2c26]] no torpedo
 +  * This assumes a very basic build for a level 40 ship and should serve well a level 50 character as you earn Reputation powers, Specialization,​ Ship traits, and gear on your way to level 60
 +  * At least rare duty officers
 +  * Components are about 100k-200k EC each on the exchange
 +==== Notes ====
 +Tactical readiness allows chaining of attack pattern omega and attack pattern beta. But, there are other ways to reduce tactical cooldowns. Tactical captains also have tactical initiative. "​reciprocity"​ ship trait might help but if a tank is pulling aggro for the team it may not work. "​Reciprocity"​ would still be useful in solo fights.
 +[[skillsdiscussion|Skill Discussion]] what is each skill worth in battle?
 +====== Role/​playstyle ======
 +The role of the quick damage doer or DPSer is to kill the enemy before they can hurt you.
 +Tactics include standoff or attacking in waves, disengaging and re-engaging with fresh buffs
 +With later gear it is possible to attack more targets and deal with more npcs aggroed on you
 +====== Tactics======
 +===== Standoff =====
 +This tactic has good survival. Getting in close is only recommended if a tank is on the team, or you have the gear to deal with the punishment
 +  * Fly towards a group at lower speed, buff your dual heavy cannons with attack pattern alpha, attack pattern omega, and cannon scatter volley shredding shields
 +  * Use tactical team right as npcs start firing at you
 +  * Be ready with Transfer shield strength if hit by a shield drain (hazard emitters for borg shield neutralizer)
 +  * When your cannon scatter volley is over (2 rounds of firing), fire torpedo spread
 +  * Turn away, Go full speed, and use Fire-at-will for your back beams (do this before the torp spread travels and it will likely punch through shields)
 +  * Heal up and go to 9-10 km away, enemy has damage drop off for energy weapons, Long range targeting sensors keeps 80% of your energy damage ​
 +  * Turn around for another attack run
 +  * Consider making bind key for targeting nearest enemies on your front arc.
 +  /bind <key> Target_Enemy_Near_ForArc 45
 +====== Attack ======
 +===== Buffs =====
 +  * Attack pattern alpha (captain)
 +  * Attack pattern omega
 +  * Cannon scatter volley
 +  * Emergency power to weapons (buff and +weapon power for over-capping)
 +DPS: 9k-18k  ​
 +11k-15k (no torp build)
 +====== Defense ======
 +  * 3 [[http://​​Specialization:​_Damage_Control_Engineer|Damage_Control_Engineer]] provides about 88% chance over 30 seconds of keeping cooldown reductions going for Emergency power to weapons and Emergency power to shields
 +  * 2 [[http://​​Specialization:​_Maintenance_Engineer|Maintenance_Engineer]] for cooldown reduction on engineering team
 +  * Tactical team will help deal with low shield facings, incoming torpedo spreads, borg assimilation,​ boarding parties, but since escorts have low shield hp, go ahead and use tactical team right after cannon scatter volley
 +  * A good resilient shield since hull and hull heals are in short supply, upgrade shield from missions or reputation on your way to level 60
 +====== Power levels used (weapon, shield, engine, auxiliary)======
 +For these keybinds, drag your cruiser commands to the 5th power tray
 +**General purpose dps** and fire weapons
 +  * **set**(100,​70,​15,​15) **result**(125,​109,​38,​41)
 +**Defensive (use rear weapons and get distance)** ​  
 +  * **set**(80,​90,​15,​35) **result**(125,​125,​38,​41)
 +**Pursuit/​manuver** full throttle
 +  * **set**(70,​15,​100,​15) **result**(125,​66,​110,​41)
 +**Defensive retreat** full throttle
 +  * **set**(15,​65,​60,​60) **result**(86,​105,​73,​76)
 +====== Variants ======
 +  * The Dual heavy cannon build without torpedo is for staying engaged constantly on your front arc to do more damage but you probably want better gear or a tank taking aggro for you
 +====== Vulnerabilities ======
 +Shield drains
 +====== Suggested mission equipment rewards ======
 +  * [[http://​​Mission:​_A_Step_Between_Stars|A_Step_Between_Stars]] for Solanae set gear
 +  * [[http://​​Mission:​_Fluid_Dynamics|Fluid_Dynamics]] For very rare anti-proton weaponry with random mods
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