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Usage is

/bind <key> "command(s)"
$$ separates commands


/bind g "assist"

Must haves

selects the targets of your nearest ally

"Target_Friend_Near $$ assist"

Selects the target your current target is focused on. For example: If a Borg cube is your target and it is about to kill a teammate. Hit g (will target your teammate), use heals, then hit g again to return to cube as your target


Cannon users will want this as a primary targeting tool. It selects the nearest target within your dual cannons firing arc. If no target is present it clears the target.

"Target_Enemy_Near_ForArc 45"

Targets exposed target on ground


Buff and Debuff icons are too small in the hud. Use this to make them temporally larger. The 1.1 setting will increase size by 10% for both your ship icons and target icons.

"GenSetEarlyOverrideFloat Hud_Buffs scale 1.1 $$ GenSetEarlyOverrideFloat Hud_Statustarget_Space_Bufflist scale 1.1"

Target any nearby Azura II or cell freighters in sector space

"Target S.S. Azura II$$Target Suliban Cell Ship"

Targets The most damaging torps found in borg stf

"Target Heavy Plasma Torpedo$$Target Plasma Energy Bolt"


Numpad 4 select previous crafted item, Numpad 5 sets quantity to max, Numpad 6 starts crafting

Numpad4 "GenSendMessage Doff_Recipe_Start_Action clicked"

Numpad5 "GenSliderSetNotch Doff_Recipe_Quantity_Slider 100"

Numpad6 "GenSendMessage Doff_Recipe_Actions_Starttask Clicked"


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