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 +====== Fleet Rank ======
 +===== Fleet Marshall =====
 +  This Rank is only reserved for Fleet Founders, these are the following:
 +  - Thrinet (@craiggggw) - Alfred (@Voldrez) - Sungak (@itsthe):
 +===== Chief Officer =====
 +  At this rank you are part of the command staff, able to manage fleet project as well
 +  promoting all lower ranks and demote anyone to a lower rank. (only in a situation that has a cause for concern)
 +  Your are required to be more helpful, professional and friendly. This again will require a minimum rank 5 and 
 +  requires a vote from other Chief Officers and the Fleet Marshals.
 +===== Vice Chief Officer - 650k Fleet credits Required =====
 +  650k Fleet Credits required, however its not all based on the contributions made. There are also other requirement
 +  that we ask from members. We ask you to be active within the fleet but also active within the channel,
 +  helping members and talkative.
 +  This rank also requires you to be helpful to the command staff which are Chief Officer and Fleet Marshals. ​
 +  However at this rank you do have responsibility of being eyes and ears of the fleet if a Chief Officer
 +  or Fleet Marshal haven'​t seen something that may cause concern. ​
 +  At this rank you can promote a lower rank but no demoting.
 +  For this rank there will be a majority vote made by Chief Officer and Fleet Marshals.
 +  After a few weeks at this rank and you feel you can take more responsibility let Chief Officer
 +  or Fleet Marshal know and we will take this further.
 +===== Senior Officer - 300k Fleet Credits Required =====
 +  Access to additional bank stores
 +  Buy from provisioned fleet stores
 +  Buy fleet bank repository
 +  Invite non-members to fleet owned maps
 +===== Officer - 85k Fleet credits Required =====
 +  Access to additional bank stores
 +  Buy from provisioned fleet stores
 +  Buy fleet bank repository
 +===== Junior Officer - 15K Fleet Credits Required =====
 +  Can buy from fleet provisioned stores
 +  Access to additional bank stores
 +===== Cadet =====
 +  Thank you for joining and welcome
 +  Please join the RAF Channel to keep better connected
 +[[raf_channel|RAF Channel]]
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