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 +====== RAF Channel ======
 +Joining RAF Channel allows any toon you own to keep in contact with us.
 +We will send an invite when you join the fleet as this channel is private.
 +To join the RAF channel Type:
 +  /​channel_join RAF Channel
 +If it does not work we will send another invite ​
 +Alternatively you can press ESC, then click 'chat settings'​. Your channel lists will be under the tab called '​channel'​ Click onto RAF channel and click on the join button at the bottom of the window.  ​
 +====== Alliance ======
 +Special Omega Force is a large fleet with many great players. We recommend you join their channel as well
 +  /​channel_join O.F. Diplomacy
 +====== Officers ======
 +Officers with admin access will be expected to invite new fleet members to the channel. Please send a mail to us if we are not available to do so when new members joins. New members will be initially limited to fleet chat. Please encourage then to visit the website and accept the invitation to join the RAF channel.
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