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DPS Measuring SB 234 (Tau Dewa Block)

Purpose: This has shown to be a good way to rate a ship build against a single target

Solo play:

  1. Bypass the start dialogue
  2. Choose parking close on other side of starbase for single target
  3. Start mission and focus on killing the starbase as fast as possible

Team Tactics:

  1. One person enters the mission and gets into position close to the starbase
  2. The person signals, and the rest of the team enters and the mission is started
  3. While that person solos the starbase, the rest of the team only takes out the ships

Someone on team should post the damage twice. Once when the team disables the ships and once when the starbase is disabled.

Goals: The solo member's goal is to disable the starbase in:

  ? seconds (tactical captain or dhc at 2km range) with greater than ?k DPS for high end gear/builds
  ? seconds (sci captain) with greater than ?k DPS for high end gear/builds
  ? seconds (cruisers) with greater than ?k DPS for high end gear/builds
   For lower end gear/builds, the goal is to not die. But see if you can win the mission in the time limit

Notes: *High resist Target (lowers DPS) *Distributes shields when hull below 70% *Time your debuffs and torps well

Pick up your Romulan daily patrol if you want some rep points


Alfred@voldrez Eclispe Array CrtDx4 AP, Enhanced Armor penetration

Starbase kill 73 seconds 23.3k dps
Npc ships 19.1k dps

Lowthus@voldrez scimitar DBB CrtDx4 AP, two omni AP, Enhanced Armor penetration

Starbase kill 106 seconds 16.6k dps
Npc ships 29.3k dps

Ten@auraprime Eclipse beam boat

Starbase kill 134 seconds 13.4k dps 
Npc ships 23.3k dps


Ten@auraprime 122 seconds 6.8k dps avenger beam boat,

Ken-Dar@kenddar 166 seconds 5.3k dps cruiser eng

Qrana@gffunny 112 seconds 6.7k dps tact escort

Kelsi@GN-001_Exia 80 seconds 8.8k dps fleet patrol escort refit

Koth@voldrez 62 seconds 12.5k dps tact fleet avenger HDC crtDx3 Disruptor

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