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 +For dps measuring tools, see [[tools|STO tools]]
 +DPS Measuring SB 234 (Tau Dewa Block)
 +Purpose: This has shown to be a good way to rate a ship build against a single target
 +Solo play:
 +  - Bypass the start dialogue ​
 +  - Choose parking close on other side of starbase for single target
 +  - Start mission and focus on killing the starbase as fast as possible
 +Team Tactics:
 +  - One person enters the mission and gets into position close to the starbase
 +  - The person signals, and the rest of the team enters and the mission is started
 +  - While that person solos the starbase, the rest of the team only takes out the ships
 +Someone on team should post the damage twice. Once when the team disables the ships and once when the starbase is disabled. ​
 +Goals: The solo member'​s goal is to disable the starbase in:
 +    ? seconds (tactical captain or dhc at 2km range) with greater than ?k DPS for high end gear/builds
 +    ? seconds (sci captain) with greater than ?k DPS for high end gear/builds
 +    ? seconds (cruisers) with greater than ?k DPS for high end gear/builds
 +     For lower end gear/​builds,​ the goal is to not die. But see if you can win the mission in the time limit
 +*High resist Target (lowers DPS)
 +*Distributes shields when hull below 70%
 +*Time your debuffs and torps well
 +Pick up your Romulan daily patrol if you want some rep points
 +==== Scores ====
 +Alfred@voldrez Eclispe Array CrtDx4 AP, Enhanced Armor penetration
 +  Starbase kill 73 seconds 23.3k dps
 +  Npc ships 19.1k dps
 +Lowthus@voldrez scimitar DBB CrtDx4 AP, two omni AP, Enhanced Armor penetration
 +  Starbase kill 106 seconds 16.6k dps
 +  Npc ships 29.3k dps
 +Ten@auraprime Eclipse beam boat
 +  Starbase kill 134 seconds 13.4k dps 
 +  Npc ships 23.3k dps
 +Ten@auraprime 122 seconds 6.8k dps avenger beam boat, 
 +Ken-Dar@kenddar 166 seconds 5.3k dps cruiser eng
 +Qrana@gffunny 112 seconds 6.7k dps tact escort
 +Kelsi@GN-001_Exia 80 seconds 8.8k dps fleet patrol escort refit
 +Koth@voldrez 62 seconds 12.5k dps tact fleet avenger HDC crtDx3 Disruptor
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