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Duty Officer info

Assignment tracker - Google Spreadsheet

Dofftrekker Updated by editors in game

Acquiring very rare and rare Duty Officers

Latest List of refugees for asylum missions reward 21% very rare, 48% rare, 25% uncommon (using common refugees with 4 traits) reward 17% very rare, 48% rare, 29% uncommon (using common refugees with 3 traits) Cooldown 20 Hrs

Location (check system and opperation officer at each location)


  Names: Jeffrey, Neva

Vulcan,Vulcan ground

  Names: T'pel, Taafit, Kaass, T'Punmu, , Solut, Supit, Symaat, T'Raalu, 
  4 traits: T'Ponno, Luchel

Andoria ground (opperations officer)

  Names: Rysva, Shomis, Then, Thylos
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