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Purpose of this page is to share tips on best ways to obtain Energy Credits, Dilithium, ..etc


  • Dyson sphere Battlezone with all 4 missions complete and finishing the stage rewards 7K-11K depending on if marks and implants are turned in. These missions have a 20 hr cooldown. If your captain and bridge officers have very good ground gear this can be done without teaming up. But, still consider running it with friends as it will go faster.
  • Stress free efficient way. Hourly rep projects provide the most efficient conversion from marks of any type into dilithium. Currently four of these projects can be started per toon even after rank 5 reached. This also takes maximum advantage of earning daily bonus marks for each reputation.

Fleet Marks

Besides PVE for fleet marks, having high duty officer ranks will allow turning in extra cxp for fleet marks at the fleet starbase.

Fleet Credits

These are what is earned for contributing to fleet projects.

  • Fleet marks offer the most efficient way to earn fleet credits. However projects quickly get filled up. Please request a command officer to run a special project to turn in extra fleet marks. Please help finish the project's other contribution requirements so another can be started quickly.
  • Breaking down rare and uncommon duty officers into common duty officers. This offers an efficient way to earn credits. There are sometimes very good deals on the exchange for uncommon and rare duty officers. Note this is difficult without upgrading the standard 100 duty officer slot capacity. This will also earn refugees for use in obtaining very rare and rare duty officers. see Duty Officer info

Energy Credits

  • Various Foundry missions are designed to yield loot. Sell common, uncommon loot at the better vendors for about 600k. Keep in mind there is a loot limit per day on these
  • Starbase 24 can be run in private match for loot. It is boring to run without a team. The number of enemies spawned depends on team size.
  • Romulan space daily patrols offer some loot while also obtaining Romulan marks. Don't forget to pick up the mission.
  • Be aware there is “TheTradingChannel” if you prefer to sell to individuals rather than on exchange
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