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Starter level 50 builds

Alfred's Builds

Felix's build


Old builds

Pre skill-revamp

Beam boats

U.S.S. Marksman Thirn's Odyssey Tactical Cruiser 2 VR Conn (TT) doffs, 3 VR Damage Control doffs

click to enlarge U.S.S. Black Pearl Alfred's tank (Drake build)

Click to enlarge

U.S.S. Odyssey Sungak's Cruiser 3 Rare Conn (TT) doffs, 2 Rare Damage Control doffs

Cannon builds

Kelsi's fleet patrol escort refit (tempest)

Koth's Fleet avenger 2 Rare Maintence engineer (ET cooldown) doffs, 3 Rare Damage Control doffs

click to enlarge Lowthus's Scimitar

Thrinet's Scimitar 2 VR Conn (TT) doffs, 3 Rare Damage control doffs


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