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Tactical_Star_Cruiser_(T6) with Engineer Captain

Sto Academy build/skills


Skill Discussion what is each skill worth in battle?


Take aggro and tank for entire team

This is particularly useful on elite maps

Includes good heals for team members


  • Healing team members or self will generate extra defense bonus when using battle ready Trait.
  • Healing will also generate some threat
  • Reciprocity trait will allow use of single fire-at-will and attack-pattern-beta skills when you have aggro of many npcs


Fire-at-will beam boat with long range targeting for 80% firepower at 10KM.



  • 77%-92% defense bonus at ahead full
  • ~50% all damage resists
  • 30% shield hardness from Emergency_Power_to_Shields III
  • 40% shield hardness from power settings/skill
  • ~25% shield hardness from chaining transfer shield strength and rotate shield frequency
  • With very high shield hardness and shield power levels, a high regeneration shield becomes more useful than high cap shields especially against shield drains

Power levels used (weapon, shield, engine, auxiliary)

General purpose dps

  • set(100,15,15,70) result(125,107,42,98) command weapon-system-efficiency

Defensive keep enemies on rear shield

  • set(70,50,15,65) result(125,125,42,94) command Shield-Frequency-Modulation

Pursuit/manuver front weapons only

  • set(70,15,100,15) result(125,101,114,55) command Strategic-Maneuvering

Defensive retreat

  • set(15,50,70,65) result(88,125,85,94) command Shield-Frequency-Modulation


Holds and sub nuke will drop defense and loose emergency power to shields. Have shield batteries ready and buff hull.

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