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Tribble tested. Standby for updates as 11.5 goes live

Skill Discussion


Hull restoration

  • Hull healing powers increase no difference from tooltip
  • Helps heal yourself and others
  • Recommend rank 2 for everyone

Hull cap

  • This is hull increase on the base of the ship before buffs (cat1), so in some case may only get 22% increase to a buffed hp
  • Recommend rank 1 for everyone, rank 2 for tanks

Shield restoration

  • Shield healing powers buff. No difference from tooltip
  • Heal the shields of yourself and others
  • Recommend rank 2 for everyone

Shield Cap

  • This is buff on base of shield
  • Does not cover after buffs (cat 1), so on epic gear and after buffs may only get 18% total shield increase for rank 3
  • Rank 1 for everyone

Energy weapon

  • Increase on base weapon damage (cat 1)
  • After other buffs and 125 weapon power, may only get 10% increase in energy weapon damage for 3 ranks of energy weapon

Lt. Commander

Eps flow

  • Useful when combined with over-capping (over 125 weapon power). Help transfer power to weapons during the firing cycle
  • Necessary rank 2 for 8 beam fire-at-will builds, also get plasma integrated warp core (exchange, or fleet). Plasmonic_Leech console can substitute
  • Recommend rank 1 for other energy weapon types or get plasma integrated warp core (exchange, or fleet)
  • Will help change between energy presets faster

Impulse Expertise

  • 1 rank unless you are building to go slower at full throttle
  • Consider 0 ranks if using front weapons with “improved pedal to the metal” (20% damage buff)
  • Can still use full impulse to get you around with 0 ranks
  • Rank 2 is useful for extra defense

Control Expertise

  • Increase in sci power hold effects
  • Also helps resist hold effects.
  • 2 ranks will allow escaping grav well, not much effect against tractor beams
  • 1 rank would require some power shifting to engines to escape grav well
  • 0 ranks would need evasive maneuvers to escape grav well
  • Some deflectors can provide enough to not need this

Drain expertise

  • 2 ranks for drain builds.
  • Helps resist drains a little bit, shield drains still drain a large amount (hopefully they fix this crazy drain from npcs)

Drain Infection

  • Adds a damage over time to sci drain powers
  • Shield penetrating?

Defensive Maneuvering

  • Direct defense no matter what speed you are going
  • Recommend rank 1 or 2 for every build
  • Get rank 2 in impulse expertise if need more defense


Hull plating

  • Rank 1 just about equal to one neutronium alloy armor mk xi. Think of this as an extra armor slot

Shield Regeneration

  • Over powered keep an eye on this. It is my opinion it might get nerfed
  • A percentage of your total buffed shield HP as regeneration. Independent of shield power and base regeneration. Extremely useful on all builds especially high shield HP builds
  • Rank 3 on every build unless using some other way to recharge shields such as Shield_Absorptive_Frequency_Generator for warbirds

Shield Hardness

  • Direct reduction on shield HP loss
  • Not related to bleed-through (10% normal shields, 5% resilient)
  • Kinetic shield damage is always reduced to 25% before shield hardness applies
  • Independent of power level
  • Shield hardness stacks as a product of the damage multipliers
  • Capped at 75%
  • Example with 100 shield power 20%, 3 ranks shield hardness 20%, emergency power to shields III 30%, Transfer shield strength 15%, Rotate shield frequency 34% ⇒ 1-(0.8*0.8*0.7*0.85*0.66)=74.9% shield hardness
  • 1 rank would be battle equivalent to extra 10% shield regeneration and 10% shield HP after buffs (cat 2)
  • Recommend 3 ranks for all builds

Weapon Amplification

  • Increases the Crit serverity by 10%. If your build can do 20% crit chance put 1 rank in this. Otherwise pass.

Weapon Specialization

  • Increases crit chance
  • Recommend 2 ranks


Subsystem Performance (weapon, shield, engine, auxiliary)

  • Rank 1 of both recommended
  • Benefits of rank 2 would depend on if you are running a warp core with [AMP]. If rank 2 can boost a power above 75 take it.

Long Range Targeting Sensors

  • Reduces damage drop off at long range for all energy weapons (cannons and beam now have same drop-off)
  • 0 rank stay close to target for no damage drop off (2Km)
  • 3 ranks for standoff fighting (npcs lose 50% at 9km)
  • Maximize area of effect weapon firing (fire-at-will, cannon scatter volley)

Hull penetration

  • 1 rank would give 5 armor penetration, anywhere from 3%-5% damage increase depending on total damage resist of target

Shield Weakening

  • Direct damage buff against shields of target
  • Once shields are gone, does not help
  • Recommend 0 or 1 ranks


Warp core potential

  • Good power increase for all power levels
  • Recommend at least 1 rank
  • Just like subsystem performance, use rank 2 to get a system above 75 if using [AMP] warp core

Warp Core Efficiency

  • Recommended
  • Great additional power to systems set below 25 power
  • Reducing scale up to 75 power setting

Engineering, Scientific, Tactical readiness

  • Reduces cooldowns on bridge officer abilites
  • Some ship traits, duty officers can do similar
  • Does not reduce cooldown below global cooldown of duplicate abilties
  • Example chaining APO and APB, or chaining 2 tachyon beams dow to the global cooldown
  • The [SciCdr] mod that appears on deflectors is +50 Scientific Readiness

Shield mastery

Coordination Protocols

  • This buffs pets and other team members
  • If all 5 team members had these, would yield 20% hp, damage, accuracy, defense for everyone. Extra for pets.
  • If solo, still helps NPC allies
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