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Our Philosophy

Code of Conduct

Maintain a friendly environment

  • Do not engage in insults or personal attacks. If you have a problem with another member, keep negative talk off the RAF chat. Work it out and ask for help if needed.
  • Members are expected to help create a positive gaming environment not only for themselves but for all members of our overall community whenever possible.


  • Real life always comes first. And we fellow members appreciate if you can get involved while you're online
  • Help command staff if possible. For example: speak up if Fleet Starbase projects need queuing.
  • Represent the fleet well. Try to be friendly to other players. Or at least not unfriendly. For example: please don't ever afk in a PVE. That makes our fleet look bad.


Please keep order according to these guidelines. But remember Private message necessary discipline action. Keep it off the chat

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