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Sto Academy build/skills

  • This assumes a very basic build for a level 40 ship and should serve well a level 50 character as you earn Reputation powers, Specialization, Ship traits, and gear on your way to level 60
  • At least rare duty officers
  • Components are about 100k-200k EC each on the exchange

Skill Discussion

Skill Discussion what is each skill worth in battle?


Drain shields and show npcs a thing or two about torpedos


  • Fly in range
  • Maintain standoff range if needed
  • trigger sensor analysis on largest npc
  • Use tachyon beam on largest npc
  • Use feedback pulse when npcs aggro on you
  • Use second tachyon beam on big npc if needed and use APB and HY1
  • Use Grav well to attract smaller npcs to the warp core breach
  • Repeat




Power levels used


Suggested mission equipment rewards

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