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Bridge officer weaponry comparison


Weapons fire at a different rate on bridge officers. Roughly every 5 seconds. The secondary fire of the weapons waits for cooldown but also some other condition. ie. dual pistol secondary only fires at extreme close range.

Weapons tested (mk xi common unless noted)

  • Plasma Piercing Beam Rifle Mk XI [CrtH]x2 [Dmg] (mk ix from vender in sphere equipment room, can be upgraded) (secondary cd= NA, uses plasma fuel)
  • Compression pistol (secondary cd=4 sec)
  • wide beam pistol (secondary cd=4 sec)
  • dual pistols (secondary cd=5 sec)
  • High density beam (secondary cd=6 sec)
  • split beam (secondary cd=6 sec)
  • Sniper rifle (secondary cd=8 sec)
  • pulsewave (secondary cd=8 sec)
  • Full auto rifle (secondary cd=8 sec)
  • Blast assault (secondary cd=12 sec)
  • minigun (secondary cd=12 sec)


  • 4 tactical bridge officers with exactly the same training, battle strategies I, and target Optics I
  • Test conducted on nimbus scorpions
  • Captain does not fire, only Boffs
  • 5 minutes of battle


Multi target AOE

  • Plasma Piercing Beam Rifle Mk XI [CrtH]x2 [Dmg] total damage = 56.7k, Giant scorpion dps = 340
  • pulsewave total damage (close range) = 52.5k Giant scorpion dps = 218
  • Blast assault 42.8k
  • Minigun 38.7k
  • Full auto 35.0k
  • dual pistols 32.8k
  • High density beam 32.3K Giant scorpion dps = 120
  • wide beam pistol 31.7k
  • split beam total damage = 20.9k Giant scorpion dps = 144

Single target only

  • Compression pistol total damage=28.4k Giant scorpion dps = 145
  • sniper rifle total damage = 27.4k Giant scorpion dps = 138

Single Unique weapons (single boff equip)

  • plasma flamethrower (very short range) 19.9k
  • dyson exp. rifle 13.8k
  • maco rifle mk xii 10.2k
  • adapted maco mk xii 8.7k
  • Nelen Exil's Wide Beam Pistol Mk XI [Dmg] 8.4
  • Shattering Harmonics Crystalline Sword Mk XII 2.2k


  • Pulsewave has very good knockback abilty which interrupts npc attacks for a moment. May be the best crowd control at close range.
  • Plasma piercing seem to be best at taking down large target through boff attack command. Good crowd control but no repulse.

Future tests

  • Will test mk xi version of plasma fueled weapons when upgrade system is in place. (Plasma repeater, plasma charged burst, plasma piercing) (mk ix vender at sphere equipment room)
  • Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lance
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