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Quick Pet Comparison


Mission: First part of Klingon scout force. 60 Birds of prey (lvl 60)

Method: Fly around pumping out fighters using 100 aux power and quick deployment T1 mastery. Carrier does not fire. Pets are not healed.

2 Hangers

Elite Mesh Weavers (Starting Hull 31013)

Elite Scorpions (Starting Hull 2777)

Elite Widows (Starting Hull 2602)

Elite Peregrine Fighters (Starting Hull 2777)

Elite Swarmers (Starting Hull 1860)

Parse with Lea's CombatLogReader

Elite Mesh Weavers

(note these pets can stack attack pattern III multiple times)

Attack focused (Targets selected) Pet dps=5.4k

Attack unfocused Pet dps=4.8k (attacks nearest enemy, frequently switching)

Elite Scorpions

Attack Focused Target Pet Dps=4.2k

Attack Unfocused Pet Dps=4.2k

Elite Widows

Attack Focused Pet Dps=3.3k

Attack Unfocused Pet Dps=3.1k

Elite Peregrine Fighters

Attack Focused Pet Dps=3.8k

Attack Unfocused Pet Dps=3.6k

Elite Swarmers

(have shorter range energy weapons)

Attack Focused Target Pet Dps=5.4k

Attack Unfocused Pet Dps=5.9k (attacks nearest enemy, frequently switching)

Intercept Pet Dps=4.2k (make sure a target is selected or they will not fire all there weapons)


  • Extrapolated max dps (all pets stay alive, unshielded target) will give you good idea of which pets to take into PVE with stationary targets such as Borg STFS
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