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Power Levels are very important to having a fun and powerful build. It needs its own page so we can share our notes

Weapon Power

Initial firing

The weapon damage rating you see when you buy a weapon is set from 50 weapon power. 125 power allows the maximum hit obtainable from a weapon not including critical hits.


  • As multiple energy weapons are fired, weapon power drain lowers total damage possible, because not all the weapons can be fired at 125 power setting
  • Some energy weapons spend more time in cool down than others making them more efficient for multiple weapon firing
Dual Heavy Cannons appear to be the most efficient multi-firing even though they drain -12 power
  however they fire less per round so weapons proc chance will be effected
  • If running only one energy weapon such as a shuttle, a power setting above 125 is a waste of energy
  • Multiple energy weapon power above 125 (overcap) is not a waste because it can help offset some of the weapon drain using power transfer rate

This makes emergency power to weapons very popular

Also, this makes it ok to run less ranks in sharship weapon performance instead of 9 
   (only 2 power difference between rank 6 and 9)
  • EPS flow Regulators do not help like they once did many seasons ago. They are now limited to only helping power transfer from one system to another
  • Engineer captains have abilities to reduce the effects of weapon drain
Use these before Fire at will for greater affect

Shield Power

This is your main defense from weapon fire

  • increases shield regeneration
  • increases hardness (shield resist) up to 30% at 125 power
Consider a W->S warp core to help with this

Engine Power

  • Top speed
  • Manuvering

Auxiliary Power

  • Sci powers using the deflector dish
High levels roughly double your heals from auxiliary power to structural integrity field, hazard emitters,
transfer shield strength, gravity well damage
  activate aux batteries just before using sci powers
  • Decreases hanger launch times
  • Increases effectiveness of cloak (range of detection)
  • Increases sensor ability to detect cloak (range of detection)
  • Nukara Reputation Tier 4 offensive: adds some aux power to weapon skills
  • Nukara Reputation Tier 4 defensive: adds some aux power to hull and shield related skills
  • Vesta ship can equip auxiliary powered cannons

Weapon Presets

The 4 power presets can be improved upon

Click window style 3 for power level UI. This gives the option to change power with sliders and to 
save the changes for each of the four presets

Example 1

U.S.S. Black Pearl Tactical oddy beam boat setting

Powers in parenthesis are after bonus, skills, emergency powers, warp core, etc.

  • full firepower (Nukara Tier 4 offensive aux power)
100 15 15 70    (125 110 53 92)     34 reserve weapon power      Cruiser Command Weapon system Efficiency
  • tanking
60 55 15 70     (125 129 53 92)     2 reserve weapon power       Cruiser Command Shield Frequency Modulation
  • chase / maneuvering
70 15 100 15    (125 100 125 57)    10 reserve weapon power      Cruiser Command Strategic Maneuvering
  • retreat
15 60 100 25    (90 130 125 70)     0 reserve weapon power       Cruiser Command Strategic Maneuvering

Example 2

Powers in parenthesis are after bonus, skills, emergency powers, warp core, etc.

  • full firepower (Nukara Tier 4 offensive aux power)
95 15 15 75    (125 45 51 75)     ? reserve weapon power      
  • chase / maneuvering
95 15 75 15    (125 45 97 65)     ? reserve weapon power      
  • retreat
15 55 75 55     (61 75 97 87)                                  


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