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  • Good goal for builds is to do on average about 1k dps per weapon slot/hanger for most weapons
  • Heavy dual cannons with tactical abilities should be around 2k dps per slot

Weapon mods

  • [dmg] a flat 1.7% increase in base damage
  • [acc] helps not miss, good for pvp, recommend >20% accuracy (ship stats UI)

on targets with low defense, extra acc is somewhat added to crit chance and severity

  • [CrtH] and [CrtD] these go hand and hand. Ideally a ratio of 1:10 will provide the most damage. plot

with ability to get high critical chance hit on ships (locator tact consoles, embassy bridge officers), consider [CrtD]x2, or [CrtD]x3 for your weapons

Beam boats


  • Energy damage least effected by range
  • Good for slow maneuvering ships
  • Fire At Will hits multiple targets and likely to cause weapon type procs on multiple targets, especially when combined with directed energy modulation
  • Aux2batt builds (see notes)


  • Weak against single targets (firing at team debuffed targets will help)
  • Highest weapon power drain
  • Fire At Will (single target) does double fire rate at the target, but only small increase in dps observed.
  • Fire At Will (multiple targets) massive power drain


  • Using two tactical abilites before using FAW seem to make the beams fire in sync better and greatly improve damage (consider tactical team, attack pattern beta or attack pattern omega)
  • Power drain An emergency power to weapons helps. FAW pretty much requires Nadion Inverson, EPS power transfer, weapons command, or well timed battery. So cruiser engineers will be best suited
  • Tanky enough to deal with multiple aggros if using FAW
  • Broadsiding targets, preferable at close range


  • Fire At Will likely to draw aggro from multiple targets (good for Starbase blockade PVE with at least one rank in Threat gen)
  • Aux2Batt (two copies) with techicians reduce cooldown on most boff abilites. Making it the biggest advantage for certain beam boats. The build lacks healing/tanking since aux power is often disrupted, but best sustained multiple target DPS from all the cooldown reductions
  • Fire At Will seams to work better with 8 arrays broadsiding than with 4 or 5 front Beam banks
  • If facing target consider pitching nose of ship up or down, allows back beams to fire


Alfred's tank 2 VR Conn (TT) doffs, 3 VR Damage Control doffs Aux2Batt build 3 Technician doffs

Dual Cannon or DHC


  • Best short range (2km) single target DPS (cannons rapid fire)
  • Good Multi-target dps (cannon scatter volley)
  • Combines well with repulsors and evasive maneuvers
  • Very likely to trigger a weapon type proc with turrets on back


  • Weak long range >6 km
  • Likely to draw aggro from bosses (Consider -Threat consoles)


  • Cannon Rapid Fire or scatter volley + attack patterns
  • Close range for single targets
  • Maneuvering


  • consider making bind key for targeting nearest enemies on your front cannon arc.
(/bind <key> Target_Enemy_Near_ForArc 45)
  • Emergency power to weapons will help with power drain and increase dps
  • Cannon scatter volley is good at many ranges. Engage groups at long range keeping as many ships as possible in the cone of fire. Then move in for single target kills
  • Cannon scatter volley in testing give a good amount of accuracy bonus (csv III is roughly [accx3]
  • Rapid fire in testing seams to trade some accuracy for critical hit rate

Torp mixes


  • Less close range requirements
  • Torpedo Spread III + alpha strike
  • Works well with cannon scatter volley or Beam Banks /w Fire At Will
  • Various tactical buffs help raise burst damage for torpedoes to get through shields


  • Without alpha strike or de-buffing target, torpedoes loose advantage



  • 3 Torpedo Weapons duty officers makes using two torpedoes up front viable

Defense Strategies

  • Combine Tactical Team with seven second delayed Auxiliary to structural integrity and repeat. Tactical team provides extra shield protection through fast shield distribution. Aux2siff provides good hull heal and damage resistance while tactical team is resetting (very useful against torp spreads in stfs)
  • If you are a Engineer, you will have a power called “Rotate Shield Frequency”. Transfer shield strength is also useful. Either one will add enough shield resistance so that distribute shields should be more than addiquate to deal with burst damage if Tactical team is not available.
  • If you are a Engineer, using Transfer Shield Strength within your Bridge officer layout, as well as Tactical team. Best action is to use one shield heal at one given time. For Example: If you have used tactical team, wait till it is about to finish before applying Transfer Shield Strength with this apply the in game distribute shields, this will also be followed by another Tactical team then Rotate Shield Frequency again use this with the in game distribute shields.
  • However if you are not an Engineer maybe a Tactical or Science then you will lack the Rotate shield Frequency. So just follow the Tactical, then Transfer shield strength technique, maybe using 2 transfer shield strengths can make up for the no rotate shield frequency.
  • Emergency power to Shields will greatly increase your shield resists, shield power levels are improved which further increases resist and regeneration of your shields.
  • Have a power setting saved just for defensePower Settings
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